Thursday, March 22, 2012

Kitchen Items You can Use to Kill Weeds Organically

You will be surprised that vinegar has tons of other uses besides dressing salads, disinfecting, and as a tonic to losing weight. When it comes to gardening,
the same substance is used as a potent weed killer. Just pour white vinegar into a conventional spray bottle and spray the liquid onto the leaves and along the base of the stem leading to the weed's
roots. Vinegar on the foliage will kill the weed in a matter of days making it convenient to remove them from the garden.

Another common item that can be found in the kitchen and is also used frequently to taste food is rock salt. You should use the rock salt and not the iodized or table salt. Rock salt is effective in eradicating weeds when you sprinkle it around the base of the weed, near the roots. Just a pinch of rock salt is powerful enough to cause death to weeds in days. Be wary not to include your other plants for this salt is not selective- it will kill any plant that it touches.

I was quite cynical at first, so I had to give it a shot. I sprayed white vinegar on a chickweed, left it for half the day and when I got back, the leaves looked like they've been dried. Vinegar has that effect on weeds. The acetic acid contained in vinegar draws out water from the weeds and dehydrates it. If there are a prolific number of weeds in your garden, spray all of them but be careful of your well-loved plants.

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