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Amaryllis for a Vibrant Happy Holiday Basket

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We often see them in groceries and shopping centers. They are baskets filled with assorted gift items and the more common ones I see are laden with chocolates, cereals, cans of coffee and fruits. Wouldn't it be nice if we could make a unique happy holiday basket?

Live plants that are given as presents to people are one of the creative and thoughtful ideas that one can think of. Aside from the holiday poinsettia commonly given at Christmas season, live amaryllis is prized as a precious gift as well.

Here is how you can make a happy holiday basket out of planting amaryllis bulbs.

These types of perennials are already sold at garden nurseries by the start of September. If you purchase the fall bulbs at this time, you will get huge discounts for buying them in bulk.

TIP: Select amaryllis bulbs that feel firm and do not have scars, cuts or any damage. Choose the bigger bulbs and not the small ones. Bigger bulbs produce better flowers. The amaryllis plant actually flowers in summer but you can coaxed it into flowering indoors by tricking the plant that it is spring and then summer.

  • Plant about two bulbs in a 7 inch container- preferably clay. Mix in organic potting soil with a mix of sand. Amaryllis rots easily when it gets excessive water. You can add some slow release phosphates like bone meal to help it grow healthy.

TIP: Never water the plant on the top of the pot. Do the watering at the bottom of the container using a shallow basin or dish. Wait for a few minutes for the soil to absorb the water. Feel the soil if it is moist enough to about half an inch below the soil by poking your finger into it.

  • Place the bulbs in an area of the house where it is cooler between 7 to 12 degrees Celsius. A basement or a garage room is preferable. Resume watering (sparingly) only when you notice signs of leaves emerging from the bulbs. Transfer the pot into a sunlit area or in a room where you adjust the temperature to little bit warmer. 

By December, the plants start to flower just in time for you to give it as a present to whoever you want to give it.

  • As for the basket, you can save money by buying one from a dollar store or from a thrift store. Choose a wicker basket or any type that you like. Pick a ribbon with festive colors like a combination of red and green or simply red. Tie it around the handle of the basket and attach with it your personalized greeting card.
This happy holiday basket of Amaryllis is ideal for giving to the special ladies in your life like your mom, your aunt, your sister, or even your female boss. 

Its the month September! Happy Holiday Basket of Amaryllis bulbs are on sale!

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